Tuesday, October 12

oh baby....

Day 3 (continued...)

So this afternoon I made chocolate chip cookies, thinking that you were coming home tonight and that then you would have something yummy to munch on. Yeah, thats me, the total ditz. If it wasnt for the brown hair, sometimes I would swear I'm a blonde. Nevertheless, I made cookies. And this time, they totally turned out, and are absolutely wonderful. Kalin is in love with them... sh ethinks they are mighty delicious and so does Sallie... I obviously agree, as my tummy hurts from eating so many. :)

It just dawned on me. Perhaps you dont want a breatkodwn, or a play by play of whats going on, and I'm probably just boring you. If thats the case, I'm sure you'll just scan through all of this, laughing at how much time I sit at my computer or just sit and think of you. I think of you constantly and always... its just that my fingers would get tired from typing incessantly all day and night. Not to mention I would be tired as well.

I should do some reading before my 6pm section tonight, so I will get going. I love you to death. And maybe, just maybe, if I hope enough, youll come home to me tonight. I doubt it, but hey, a girl can hope, can't she?


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