Monday, October 11 again...

Still Day 2
So I was a good girl and went to all of my classes today, I just finished my english homework that is due tomorrow morning (the one I usually try to do while you watch monday night football...) and I am missing you immensely. I love you so much kiddo. I keep finding myself looking at that darn schedule, saying (sometimes audibly, sometimes not,) "I wonder what he's doing right now." I cant wait for you to come home. Im such a nerd, seriously. I think that I might have attatchment issues to you-- that I am so in love with you that I am completely attatched to you, via my heart and my soul, since I cant quite be physically attatched to you right now. When you get back, I swear, its going to be wonderful, as I am so stoked to just see you. WOoOoO hOoOo!!! Man am I a nerd.

Anyway, Christopher Reeve died last night. How sad is that? From an infection. I guess that not even superman is infalliable.

I should probably get to some of my reading, with the sincere hopes of getting ahead. I might even do some of next week's work, as I don't quite know what to do with myself when youre not here-- there are no longer any pleasant disruptions. :(

I miss my pleasant disruption.

Oh, and all four fish are still alive. Wahoo!

I love you.

Talk to you soon!



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