Tuesday, October 12

I love you...

Day 3
So last night when you called I was a little out of it, considering it was 1:40 in the morning. Regardless, I was ecstatic to talk to you... I had slept with my phone so that I would be certain as to not miss your call. :)

I'm so happy that all the letters got there to you. Yes, you were right, that is what I was "sneaking about" trying to do... though my stealth-like qualities certainly need to be worked upon. So the numbers I had gotten out of your phone were Avery's and Ed's. I know you knew that Ed was writing a letter... he told me that he slipped, and I saw what he had written in your letter, as he didnt have an envelope and asked me if what he wrote was ok. Anyway, I'm glad they all got there... it was seriously a one day scramble on my behalf, as I had already sent in my letter a few days earlier, well like 4 days, and then your mom called me and asked me to write a letter for you and to see if Reid or Demetria could do it too... so thats when I got the brilliant idea of asking lots of people. I figured you wouldnt mind getting a bunch of letters, so I did what I could. Sorry there werent more... I would have gotten the whole crew team if I could, I just didnt have the time. Sorry baby.

Anyway, today is the day of your big talk. I am wishing you well... I'm certain you will do wonderfully, as the talk is supposed to be a reflection of the person, and well, youre a wonderful person. So there!

I just got out of ballet a few minutes ago, and kind of hurt my foot and my ankle... I'm thinking of wrapping it, and I really think I smell bad... so i decided to not go to english, as I might have been a nuissance to the nose. I'm bummed because theres this one step I cant seem to get, and every time I try, I just get more and more frustrated. Oh well.

Well Im gonna stop for now. I just wanted to tell you I love you.

Talk to you soon. I cant wait.

Love you lots!


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