Sunday, October 10

Almost a week without you

So I dont know if you will have any access at all to the internet during your retreat, but I figure that while you're away, I might as well keep a journal of what I do when youre gone, and how much I truly miss you. So lets begin.

Day 1
So maybe giving me your schedule was a bad idea, as I have checked it multiple times today to see where you are... wishing I was there with you. Since its about 6:40 right now, that means youre about to start singing, and you just finished the second talk. I hope its all going well.

So here's the beginning of what I shall call my ramblings, and a journal without you.

Since today is the second full day that I havent seen you, its getting to feel like youre supposed to come home to me tonight. But I know thats not true, even though my heart tries to trick my head into thinking so. So when I was making dinner a few minutes ago (foccaccia with pesto, cheese, cilantro, bruschetta, basil, garlic, and i think thats it...) I made enough for you too, thinking I could save some for you for dinner when you got home. But yeah. Thats how retarded I am.

I love you so very much, and though my "journal" isnt too riveting, you're in my every thought and in each moment of my heart.

I love you and I cant wait to kiss you when you get back. Only a couple more days.


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