Monday, September 27

you know what?

I love you too.

Amazing, remarkable amounts of love from me to you.

Sunday, September 26

I love you

I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and that I miss you. I know that you only sporadically check this site, so I hope this comes as a pleasant surprise when you do.

I'm very proud of you for doing the walk today... Its a very cool thing that youre doing, and I respect and admire you for it.

Love you lots

Thursday, September 16

I love you

I love you, and thanks for staying with me after all this time, and after all of this headache. It means a lot to me-- and you mean a lot to me. I love you.

Tuesday, September 7

I want to apologize, and explain...

So about earlier and my sudden leave when we were chatting. I can explain.

Right now, Im really down. Id almost say, depressed, because my house feels just like that-- a house. Not a home. I dont feel comfortable, because youre not here, or my mom isnt here. And Sallie is driving me absolutely insane. Things were fine with me when you were around, and heck, even when my mom was. But I just miss you. I feel like there's no one here for me, and that its just a waste of time for me to be here, and that it really wouldnt matter if I was here or not. And that makes me sad. Which, in turn, makes me depressed. I know I'm just whining on and on about all of this, and I'm sorry. I just hate how I feel right now, and youre the only one that I know that can make it all go away. I love you.


Monday, September 6

Missing you...

So I know its only been, what, two days, but I am so lost without you. I miss you so much, and at night, I reach out for you hoping that youre there to hold me tight. I guess all of this is making me appreciate you that much more than I already do. But it just stinks being without you... and knowing that I am going to have to continue to be without you off and on... I miss you baby. I miss you so much.

I love you

Missing you...