Saturday, August 14

Something I found interesting

Okay so I know youre not all into this stuff, but I still wanted to share it with you, because I did find it interesting. This guy Andrew I know, wrote this... well, posted it. And its a curious thing... so tell me this. What do you live for? And do you agree with what he wrote?

----Andrew's blurb----

[radio edit]

don't tell me it's good. answer the question. you find an answer. you make sure it's worth dying for. you make sure you live for it.

[end edit]

"find something worth dying for, then live for it."

but what are you living for? for the sun? the moon? the stars? the tide? your parents? your girlfriend? to wake up? to break up? to start again? or make it happen, like it's real this time and you feel it this time? or you keep pressing on because you don't got no choice or you're working to get your voice or because so far you've learned smiling and charming and living but what do you smile and joke and live for? for those silent e's, for your grades for your future, for your paint or words or photographs or sculpture? for dying, for heaven, for jesus for buddah, for allah, for yourself? are you living for the rainbows for the way the grass grows? slowly, patiently eating time like you wish you could. never dying like you wish you could. but then you sit back and wonder what on earth you're living for and you realize it's hope and faith and love and the most of all three of these is love. but today you lived to break up and tomorrow you'll live to make up and there's no love just to fuck? and what are you living for today? do you live for beauty or the beast? or the best you have or for your sheets and the way they crinkle and laugh when you lay down for bed? is it for your child? for your genes? because you're too scared to end it? because you're too scared to befriend him? because she looked at you today as she was passing by? or because there's a party tomorrow? or because that library book you borrowed is due?

i love for poetry, sowhat is it you live for?you love for?you consume soit can consume you?i live for poetry sowhat is it you love for?

andrew. an hour and a half of def poetry'll do this to you.


Blogger Yours said...

yea i am sorry, but i dont know how to answer, it would take a lifetime for me to answer that...

8/14/2004 8:30 PM  

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