Thursday, August 12

Ok so I am a major dork...

You know how when you were a kid, and there was someone you liked, you would write their name down on paper inside little hearts? Well I was talking with my mom about stuff and started doodling, and drawing little hearts... with your name inside them... all over the page. I stopped and started to laugh... what a dork I am. And then I realized I had been doodling "Chris McConnell" all over it... and I like how I write your last name. And it made me laugh yet again, because if you and I ever do get married, at least I'll like my signature... because I like how I write your last name. Im such a dweeb.

Though if/when we get married, I am keeping my last name... well, hyphenating it. I suppose I will just take the last name of the person I marry, but for important things, it will still include "Daniels" since its my only link back to my dad... and, it works nicely with Melissa. haha.

ANYWAY, thats all thoughts for another day, and I figured it would either: a) make you laugh; b) make you smile; c) make you laugh and smile; or d) make you shake your head, laugh, and smile, and then miss me a little more. :-)

But now that I think about it-- maybe you never did the whole doodling-thing, since I think it was primarily a girl thing, since you change the last name. And guys don't change their last names. Whatever. Still is funny to me.

I love you!


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way too cute...

8/12/2004 11:57 PM  

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