Sunday, August 8

Not on the honeymoon anymore??

Hey you,
So I have been thinking (I know, big surprise, and I know it doesnt get me far, but I still have been doing it, nonetheless...) about you and I. And about how things are right now. Does it seem like to you that we're basically over all the fluff and now its down to the basics? To the expected? Some people say this means the "honeymoon" period is over... but I dont agree... I'm just curious. I think its probably because we have both been so stressed and have had so much going on and on our plates that we havent had the time, nor the energy. But what do you think?

Are you happy? What would you change. Honestly.

Im curious. Let me know.

Oh, and by the way-- how did you like the picts? Im such a dweeb. I look sooo nerdy in both pictures I put up. Oh well. Love you.


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