Thursday, August 26


So I think its all kinda interesting that youre allowed and not ok with me going to lunch/brunch with a friend who happens to be a guy, and when you go with someone like Claire or anyone I'm supposed to be totally cool with it.

Im sorry I didnt call... I did try. My call log shows that I called at 10:03am... but that doesnt matter because well, I didnt leave a voicemail, right?

Doesnt matter.

Anyways, if youre worried about Yut, you shouldn't be... because he made it super clear that though he thinks I'm awesome and that you are a very lucky guy, he has no intention whatsoever of stepping on anyones toes... friends can be friends even if someone in the friendship wants it to be more. So chill out.

Sorry you got worked up about it all. I just think its stupid. Are you always going to be super protective of me?


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