Monday, August 16

I understand, baby.

I read your post, and I agree. I dont know which one of us is beign distant, or if it is both of us, but I have a feeling that it probably is both of us. And to tell you the truth-- I dont like it.

To me, it feels like when I talk to you, that you have so many other things that you need to be taking care of, and that you really dont have the time to talk. So thats why I'm not super sociable, because I know you have contractors and meetings and so forth to deal with. So I understand.

I just want these 15 days to go by so quickly, so that I can see you again. So that I can kiss you again, and so that I can tell you how much I miss you and how much I love you. Can you believe we have made it this far? Only a day and two weeks left. Its amazing how the time has finally boiled down to a matter of weeks, rather than a matter of months.

And as I sit here and write, Blink 182's "I miss you" just came on-- this song always reminds me of when you went to Boston... and the whole cd just reminds me of you. I miss you.


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