Tuesday, August 3

Hi baby

Hey you,
I'm home from work and I just wanted to say hello and I love you.

And I'm sorry for putting you through all this drama that has been going on. I hope that now that we have smoothed it out, it will remain smooth! I figure this much, that maybe during the summer we will get out all of our arguing and fighting and resolving issues, that we won't have anything to argue about (other than the good silly stuff) when we get back in September. And I look at it this way: at least when we fight, we resolve it and we never re-fight... where its the same shit just a different day. So thats good, that means we are at least learning from our mistakes and fixing them, ya know?

And I thought of one more thing to talk about. Of course.

I dont know why I let things get to me, and I dont know why it urks me, but I still get those fucking updates from Xanga on people's posts that I had been subscribed to, even though I deleted my account, and I happened to open it (usually I just delete them,) and saw stupid Chris' post about driving to freebirds, and I had half a mind to write "stay the fuck out of my town." But I thought that might border on psychotic. So I didnt. But instead it just bothers me. All of these stupid subliminal ties and hints that he makes towards me-- and you cant say that hes not, because I know he is. When he and I broke up last time, I had thought I was being overly sensitive to his posts and thought they were geared towards me, and he told me that they were. So Im not overreacting. It just perturbs me. But whatever.

OK so I'm totally stoked that I think (note: that is still a think... nothing is for certain or for sure,) that my mom is totally going to be game about you coming with us to Monterey this weekend... yayyyy!!!! I sure hope its a yes, because I know I told you to not get all worked up and excited about it, but I'm not gonna lie. Im totally excited. So thats bad because what if she says no? Then I'll be all sad and depressed like that other time. But hey, here's to looking on the bright side.

I have this fierce urge to go shopping again. But i gotta go get wrok done. Talk to you later. Love you.


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