Thursday, August 12

Have I ever told you how much you mean to me? And how much each day and each moment that we share means to me?

It amazes me how much I learn from you on a regular basis, and how much you encourage and improve me. And I am so thankful for that. Its an amazing feeling knowing that I have someone to lean back on. That if I stumble or fall, you will be there to catch me-- and then laugh with me. :)

I love you so much, and I don't know what I did to deserve you, but whatever it is, I sure am glad I did it! :)

Love you baby!


Blogger Yours said...

baby, i am who i am because of you, i love you...alot...more...bye sweetie

8/12/2004 6:41 PM  
Blogger Fishy said...

No no no. you are who you are because youre a wonderful person, and you are destined for greatness because of all that your big heart holds. Fine, Ill let you win--- your heart is bigger than mine, therefore you can love more than I. The people around you only shine because they are reflecting the light that comes from you. Im serious about that one.

I love you, I suppose is the moral to this all...

8/12/2004 8:24 PM  

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