Monday, July 5

A thought for another time...

I had this whole post in my mind that I wanted to write, about how today, being around so many people who's lives were so screwed but they didnt even know it, had such an impact on me and made me realize how lucky I truly am, but I'm working on a migraine and I'm pretty tired, so I might not write it.

Who am I kidding.
My head never hurts so much that I can't write.

Alright so here I go:

So I'm sitting in this training room, with 24 other people, most of them over the age of 35, a few kids our age (like 10 max)... between 18 and 25ish, and most of them so content to be working for Home Depot... this is the best job they've ever had, and probably will have for a long time. Myself, and one other person, a man whos around 50 who was a mechanical engineer and a pilot for Delta but got laid off because of the 9/11 thing, are the only ones in the room who have any form of college education-- my trainer included.

So when we go around the room, talking about why we are working at Home Depot, I say "its my summer job, and maybe my job for during the school year when I go back in September. But until then, its a good way to work with people and make some money." And they ask where I go to school, so I tell them. And then my turn is up.

But at lunch, I was approached by probably 80% of the group, asking me abotu school, telling me how lucky I was to get to go to college. And then it hit me. Most of these people were kids who maybe graduated from high school, were stay at home moms who had no education other than high school, and were seriously relying upon this $9.20 an hour to live. Can you imagine that?

Like, I know this is a great way for me to make cash, to live in my apartment for next year, but I also know that its not my only opportunity for the rest of my life. Whereas, it was for some of these people. This was it for them. The lady sitting next to me, who also worked at my store, told me about how shes worked at Safeway, Target, Radio Shack and a bunch of other places like that-- and how her husband got arrested this weekend for a DUI. His third one. She has a two year old, and can barely afford to keep him in day care, at $145 a week. Can you imagine? My sevens were a week of childcare.

I can't honestly imagine living paycheck to paycheck like that... sure I know that sometimes I bitch abotu money. Okay a lot of the time. But I also know that I bitch now, because later on I probably wont have to, because I'll certainly be making enough money doing whatever I decide to do, to sustain myself, and my family and whatever else I need-- or want, for that matter.

And it all kind of just made me really thankful. For everything. For you, for how lucky I have been in life, how blessed I have been, for my mom (even though most of the time I want to strangle her and run away, I still do love her. I figure, it wouldnt be so hard if I didnt care so much. But we arent going to go into that...) and for everything that I have been given.

Here, Im sitting there,bitchy about the fact that my mom had to drive me to my training, where I make a considerable amount more than minimum wage, where I applied to a total of 3 places and really didnt pursue any of them all that adamantly, where all of these other people had been looking for work upwards of 6 months, some of them at Home Depot for as long, and I'm sitting here complaining that I didnt get to drive myself.

Pretty spoiled I'd say.

So I just want to take this moment to thank you. Thanks for enriching my life so much. Thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for loving me, and thanks for helping me grow as a person.

Oh, and thanks for the jeans that could have been a week of childcare for some poor woman. Thanks for spoiling me.

I love you.

But it all just makes you think, doesn't it?

OH, and makes me laugh, because the weird 20 year old kid who was hitting on me... totally has no game, and is utterly disgusting... somehow he was talking about piercings and asked if I had any and I said yes, my ears and my stomach. And he turned to me (and youre really going to want to kill him now,) "you really should think about getting your nipples or your clit (eew) pierced... its totally hot for guys. I'm sure you'd land a bunch that way."

ICK! I dont need to land any guy... I've got the only guy I could ever want. (and yes, i actually said that.)

I love you. I hope the drive went well, and I hope Melvin made it off safe. Love you!


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