Thursday, July 15

I hope youre doing well

I just wanted to say hi and good night since I probably won't get to talk to you tonight, because by the time you get home I'll already be in bed asleep. Stupid work. By the way, below (like at the bottom below,) is my work schedule since you said you wanted it.
I started thinking about something a little bit earlier, and I dunno, I guess I just wanted to write it down. So youre my victim and you get to read it. Sorry.
Its amazing how  life can change in a heartbeat. How with one breath, a baby can be born and change the world in some shape or form. How a kiss can alter a life, and how one simple word can change someone's day. I feel like I take a lot of things in the world for granted, like how lucky I am, even despite all of the chaos that erupts at home. Because the truth of it all, is that I am pretty lucky. I have a mom that loves me (even though we fight, I know she does,) an amazing boyfriend, a nice home, a cat thats insane, some pretty good friends, a job, enough money that I dont have to worry about if I'm going to be able to eat tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, and enough clothes for a small country, and a bunch of other things. So when you look at it, I'm pretty lucky. But there are so many times that I just completely disregard that and can only seem to see the things that I lack, rather than the things that I have. Like my dad. Or my grandpa.
But it amazed me, sitting here and thinking about all of this. That if I hadn't kissed you that night, we probably wouldn't be where we are right now. That if I hadn't done the miniscule things that I've done in the past, my life would be different today, and so would someone else's. Its amazing to think that you impact the  lives of another  on a regular basis. That because of something that you did, someone's life is different. Whether its just saying hello, or its telling someone you love them. Somehow, that action changed their life.
I can only hope that the change I make upon others is good.
Anyways, thats me rambling... once again.
Sorry about earlier and the whole "sleeping" thing... I'm so beat. Friggin dead tired. Ugh, just come and snuggle with me, and lets go back to bed.
Love you lots baby. Sorry for going to bed so early.
~Mi horario~ (my schedule)
7/16 - 5am to 2pm, lunch at 9
7/17 - 5am to 2pm, lunch at 9
7/18 - 6am to 3pm, lunch at 10
7/19 - 5am to 2pm, lunch at 9
7/20 - 9pm to 11pm, no lunch
7/21 - off
7/22 - 5am to 1130am, lunch from 9 to 930
7/23 - 5am to 2pm, lunch at 9
7/24 - 5am to 2pm, lunch at 9
7/25 - 6am to 3pm, lunch at 10
I'll let you know more as I get it.


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