Friday, July 2

I hate this.

I hate knowing that you and I end our conversations in fights because we both are so discouraged and disturbed by the fact that we can't be with eachother. And I hate that you're so upset about it because you dont like being at home and hearing Reid and Demetria ooh and aaah about the fact that they get to spend the weekend together. I just wish that it wasnt such a powerless situation, that it didnt feel so helpless. I just wish that you would try to be more optimistic. That you would understand that yes, this is hard, but by dwelling on it, we only make it harder. And that this is just as tough on me as it is on you-- where you have no one there, I have my mom fighting with me all the time. Its a smiliar feeling of lonliness, it just looks a little different.

So I ask you to do this for me. To do this for us . Please, try. Please look on the bright side, and instead of counting the days that you're alone, count the days until we are together. Count the days that I've told you that I love you. Count the memories that we have made with eachother, and all of the dreams that we have shared. Think of the happiness instead of the saddness. Please, just do that for me, if you won't do it for yourself. Please. I love you.


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