Thursday, July 1

Guess how much I love you...

I love you so much that its unfathomable. That's how much.

I keep thinking about the last time that I saw you, and it makes me so sad, because I keep remembering how I had to walk away from you when you were out in the parking lot. How I tried so hard to not cry, but I just couldnt hold it in. How I didnt want to let go of you, and how I didnt want to go upstairs and get back in my bed all alone. How when I got back in bed, I couldnt stop crying because I wanted to be in your arms so bad. How I tried to not call and tell you that I missed you 5 seconds after you left. And then I think about the last night we were together. Making love to you before we fell asleep in eachother's arms. How I woke up in the night and watched you sleep, and how I wanted that moment to last for forever. And it makes me sad, because it makes me miss you that much more. But in a way, it also makes me happy, because it reminds me of how amazing it will be to be with you again. How I know I won't want to go to sleep the first night we are back together, because I'll be afraid that if I close my eyes it will all go away and I'll be back in San Jose away from you. But I'll know that I'll end up being so comfortable lying there in your arms that I'll fall asleep anyways, occasionally waking up to make sure that its real. But I'm so excited for that day to come. To be able to feel like I'm complete again, because I'll finally have my other half. Man do I miss you. More and more with each passing moment. I love you sweetie.

61 more days. Is it really that many? Ugh. We can do it. I love you.


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