Wednesday, June 30


So I called my boss... again. And I'm pissed.
She said that she just looked at my application and realized I was only going to be there for the summer, so shes not going to be able to offer me the job I had wanted (the HR one) for that short of a period of time. So instead she has some other positions in other departments open part time that she can offer me. I told her I wanted full time, and she said ok. So I'm working full time in garden. I go in tomorrow to finish the paperwork up, and then go to orientation monday thru wednesday next week. I start work out in garden on the 8th. Joy. I lost a week and a half of work because she procrastinated on me. Damn. And then I get a crappier job. But at least I wont have to buy a new wardrobe of dressy clothes... just jeans and polo shirts or collared shirts I think. So thats fun... I guess. Im a little irritated, and my head hurts. Its hurt since I woke up this morning, but oh well.

I hope class went well. I miss you and I love you. Take care sweetie.


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