Saturday, June 19

To my knight in shining armor:

It never ceases to amaze me how some people have nothing better to do with their lives than to torment and harass another, even when they aren’t provoked. I’ve gotten to this point with Kyle’s insulting post that I’m almost in a state of bewilderment, that he really has nothing better to do with his life than to continue to dwell upon his own misery and attempt to transfer that misery over to me. I think he is the kind of person who lives off of another person’s pain, and only when another is suffering is he truly happy. And that makes me pity him, to the fullest extent. I suppose I’m also bewildered by the fact that he would attempt to make a claim towards something that he would know nothing of—my relationship with the love of my life. Little does he know, is that beside the fact that we are apart right now and that makes our emotions in a constant state of turbulence, we are ecstatic with each other, and our lives together. (At least I am, in regards to my relationship with you!)

All of this makes me think. Why must he continue to pick on you and I? What ever did I do to him other than break his best friend’s heart? Yeah, that’s understood that sure that wasn’t the nicest thing to do in the world, but neither is living a life that is a lie. And to me, all of this seems like blatant harassment and defamation of character. Isn’t that something you could file a police report for? I know that’s a bit rash, but in theory, couldn’t we press charges against him? I don’t know, it’s just a thought. And I imagine it could be used quite effectively as a “scare tactic.” But who knows.

All I do know is that this whole ordeal is ridiculous and a waste of effort and time, in addition to the fact that it is just plain rude and obnoxious and quite offensive. I also know that I love you very much, Christopher McConnell, and nothing that anyone says or does will ever stand in the way. Thanks for being my knight in shining armor.


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