Monday, June 21

This crazy little thing called love...

Well I'm still crying after our chat, but its the best crying a girl can do. Straight from the heart, warm tears filled with love and emotion. It amazes me that for the first time in my life, I'm certain of something. Of someone. That if someone asked me where I would be in 3 months, or 5 years, or 10 years, or 50 years, my answer would still be the same-- in your arms. I know that what I feel when I am with you is true, that what I see when I look into your eyes is the purest thing that anyone could imagine. I know that you are the reason why I wake up each morning, and you are the reason why my faith was tested. So that I might be able to find you. So that I could stay up late nights getting closer to you, discussing religion and faith and anything else that comes to mind, so that I might be given the chance to see what love I could have, and do have, with you. You are the reason why I am able to believe again. You are the reason why I can trust. And you are the reason that makes me want all these things, and so much more. You are the reason why I want my life to be filled with all the things its supposed to be filled with-- love, laughter, patience, compassion. The essential aspects of life. And the past two years, or the past two months have proven to me that you are also what is essential. What I have with you is what people dream of. In fact, its what I draem of. And can you imagine my content when I wake up and discover that my dreams are my reality, (less a little bit of time and a 4 hour drive right now). That you are all that I have ever dreamed of, all that I could ever dream of, and all that I could ever want or need.

I know now what I should have known before.

You're the strong wind in my sail, keeping me steadily on course. Youre the reason why I haven't given up, and the reason why I have never really failed, even though I have been given plenty of opportuntities to do so. And you are the reason why I have realized that my full potential is not a life spent alone, but instead, a life spent with you. No matter how that life is spent. Whether its as your wife, as your lover, as your girlfriend, as your best friend, as a person you used to know, or as the girl you once shared something with. That's my full potential, and I honestly can't wait to live up to it.

So I want to thank you for giving me back that dream. For helping me grow. For showing me love, and for helping me find my faith. And, for helping me find me.

I love you.


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