Thursday, June 17

Quite jealous in fact...

So my boyfriend is at Disneyland, again, today, for the second day in a row. And I'm way jealous. Not just because of the fact that I LOVE Disneyland, and not just because thats where we 'officially' got together (good 'ol Indiana Jones...,) but because I am jealous that a friggin amusement park gets to spend more time with him than I.

Its insane that it hasnt even been a week apart (tomorrow is one week,) but I'm already losing it. I think I've officially gone crazy. Crazy for him. Crazy without him. Just plain crazy.

Its amazing how in and with some things, time has no constant. Tuesday is two months, and it feels like two years. Well, its almost been two years, but thats different. I guess its not really, when you think about it, considering we were practically dating for a good portion of those two years, even despite all the drama that was enveloped into that time... boyfriends, girlfriends, roomates, parents, school, injury, and drama upon drama. Its weird, because its been a full two years (full as in full of events,) but it doesnt seem like any of it drag on that long. Maybe its because of the ease of friendship, or maybe its because I probably blew it all off like I do with everything. But all I know is that the two months, and the two years, that we have known each other or been together feels like a lot longer. And thats definitley in a good way.

During summer, I always tend to become more pensive. ('Damn I was going for thoughtful,' (name that movie)) I start reflecting, simply because there's not a lot more to do that would occupy my mind. And today's thought was, what were the 5 or 10 most influential things that have happened in your life? What has changed you the most to make you who you are? Were they good changes or were they bad? How do you think those changes will affect the rest of your life (or continue to affect it)?

I suppose that's all for now. Though I probably could keep going, simply because my mind is constantly racing lately. With memories. With dreams. With wishes and hopes. And with thoughts. Lots and lots of thoughts.


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