Sunday, June 27

Oh how I miss you...

Oh how I love what we have.

-The days that seem like an eternity become so insignificant when looking at the big picture, but what is the big picture anyway? Each person's picture is the size they feel it to be. Predicting the future or assuming that a specific amount of time is in your future is ridiculous yet normal. Making each day as important as the first seems to be the key. I lose my keys a lot.

-What I want right now is to be touched. I am very sensitive when it comes to touch and smell-- especially when that touch or smell is yours.

-Could it be the same again or was that a moment in time that will live forever in a place inside my mind where my most precious treasures are kept? I am confident that it will be the same again. But somehow a little bit different. A little bit better, if thats possible.

-There is a place inside of me that I want to go whenever I possibly can, but when I go there I feel so sad in a happy way that I get lost inside the feeling and want everything i do to feel like this. This place, is my heart. And it is where I find you.


Blogger Tofu said...

interesting post....tell me about it later, i love you

6/27/2004 5:41 PM  

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