Thursday, June 24

Much better...

So, so far today has been much better than yesterday. But I suppose anything would be better, right? As of yet, I have spent the day cleaning, reading, writing and tanning. Not too bad. I got back into the swing of writing and am starting yet another book/short story that I am certain I will never finish. Oh well, its the thought that counts, right?

Last night we fought again... and it was ridiculous because the conversation began as me approaching her with my financial breakdown in a completely calm and respectful manner. Too bad it didnt end how it began. I ended up going to be pissed... something I hate. But going to bed upset did help me understand why they say never to do that... its because when you lie there trying to fall asleep, all you can think of is all of the positively horrible things you could say or do to the person you are pissed off at. Bah. I dont like being mean or hurtful or even hateful. But sometimes, it seems like its the only thing that there is left to do.

Oh well. I'll just keep trying for a better day.

Till then, adeu.


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