Thursday, June 17

Is it a "haha" or a "hehe" or just a plain "LOL"?

So I was bored. Big surprise. And I started to talk to Adam online, and we got into this discussion about whether or not people actually laugh when they type "lol" and "haha" and "hehe" online and what the difference between the types of laughter is. So we broke it down that a "lol" is the most jovial of the three, with a "haha" coming in second, and a "hehe" as more of a private chuckle or an inside joke kind of laugh. And when you type the letters wrong, like "ahahaa" or something like that, when you cant even get the "h's" and the "a's" in the right order, you know the person is really laughing.

Eventually, this evolved into the "do you smile when you put in the smiley face?" and I decided that I did. I made the same face as what is displayed via IM. Its like taking a picture... only I'm yellow... and circular.

Anyways, the point of this all, was that this all made me think, how cool would it be to do a psych or soc experiment on people chatting via the internet, and reccord the relationship between the keystrokes (haha, hehe, and lol, along with any of the emoticon faces would trigger a response in a computer tracking the entry and recording it on a database in realtime so that you could go back and look at the time on the camera that would be positioned on the conversationalist who is chatting, so that you could see if their reaction directly corresponded,) and the user, because I'm totally curious if I'm the only one who actually laughs or makes faces or whatever when I type, or if other people do it too.

So thats my bored thought for the moment. And post number three for today. Woo hoo!


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