Friday, June 25

I dont understand

So apparently its not my fault, but somehow I still see that it is, because it was MY argument that pissed you off. I dont quite know what aspect of my argument irritated you, but apparently it did.

I understand that you were busy, and perhaps didnt have time to talk to me, which is completely understandable, but under the circumstances I think you can see how I was concerned or worried or felt at fault.

If me messaging you bothers you so much I'll cease doing it, just so it wont irritate you. I do it when you're angry because I figure then you cant hang up on me, and then you cant yell at me either. And I hate talking to voicemail when I know youre there on the other end of the line, but just dont want to talk to me. This way, I dont take it personally. So thats my take. Sorry for over-reacting.


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