Thursday, June 17


I'm just so bored right now, that I'm absolutely going insane. And I'm getting really worried that I won't find a job this summer, and then I'll be screwed for next year, and I am just really really stressed out. I hate all of the shit that comes with being at home for summer. Summer vacation is about relaxing, having fun, making some cash, and just enjoying yourself. I am NOT enjoying myself. I'm going stirr crazy, I have no one to hang out with here, I feel like a total loser, I dont have a car to even go and meet new people in, I am so utterly tired of sitting at home and doing chores and what-not. I hate it all. I just want to go and have fun, and act my age, and enjoy myself. Or at least be given the opportunity to do so.

I just hate it here so much. I hate what my life becomes when I'm here. All I do is become depressed and lethargic, thereby making me resentful and distraught. I hate feeling like this. I hate being in a slump.

Please, someone, get me out of here.
Get me out of this.


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